Somehsa Geosciences


P.Somehsa, C.Eng. Principal Engineer / Director

P. Somehsa

Mr. P.Somehsa obtained MSc from Imperial College, London University in 1979 and started his career with McClelland Engineers in 1978. Following its takeover by Fugro in 1987, he remained until 1994 as the head of their offshore engineering group in Singapore. Most of his experience is in the design and installation of foundations for offshore platforms, jack up rigs, suction foundations, pipelines and moorings in Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. His piling experience includes drivability studies, hindcast studies, refusal and acceptance criteria, buckling and damage studies, remedial and loss mitigation recommendations. He has also conducted analyses for the recovery of a capsized oil platform as well as for the load-out of heavy offshore structures. He is also a member of the ISO committee responsible for drafting the code of practice for offshore foundations. With SMG since 1995, he currently specializes in installation monitoring and quality assurance activities for geotechnical and environmental site investigations.

Jee Kim Loo, Project Manager / Director - Quality Manager

Jee Kim Loo

Mr. Jee Kim Loo obtained Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Singapore Polytechnic in 1981 and started his career as Site Engineer in 1985, with Fugro in Singapore. While his initial experience was in instrumentation and site response monitoring for onshore developments, he later became involved with onshore and offshore site investigations in the Asia region. Over the last ten years, Mr Jee’s specialization has been in pile monitoring having instrumented over 50 offshore platforms including over and underwater driven piles. Mr. Jee also conducted specialized drivability studies to evaluate pile tip response during hard driving as well as to evaluate pile adequacy. With SMG since 1995, his experience includes QA/QC assignments for offshore soil investigation projects, pile monitoring and drivability studies. He has been trained as Lead Auditor for quality Management systems as part of our ISO implementation. His recent achievements include designing, building and operating a 60 ft Jumbo Extended Seabed Sampler (JESSE) for deepwater application.

Pua Chee Peng, Project Manager / Director - Engineering Manager

Pua Chee Peng

Mr. Pua Chee Peng holds a BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He obtained MSc from the same university in 2001. He started his career as an engineer in 1992, with Fugro-McClelland in Singapore. He has experience in onshore and offshore site investigations as well as pile and jack-up rig foundation design. He has also conducted structural analyses for offshore platforms while on secondment to leading design consultants. His site experience is mainly in pile testing for onshore, nearshore and offshore projects, having monitored pile driving for jetties, bridges, a railway and more than 50 offshore platforms including underwater driven piles. He has also performed numerous engineering studies of pile driving, pile capacity, soil-pile interaction, pile wandering and dynamic soil-pile response analyses using the CAPWAP program. With SMG since 1995, he is currently our lead CAPWAP engineer for offshore piles.

Dr. Manoj Mukundan, Geotechnical Consultant

Manoj Mukundan

Mr. Manoj Mukundan holds M.E and PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He was awarded PhD in 1995 and started his career as Geotehnical Engineer with National Transportation Planning and Research Centre, India. He was involved in the quality control of New Cochin International Airport construction. After completion of the airport construction, he moved to the design wing of Larsen & Toubro Ltd as senior geotechnical engineer. He has undertaken the design of foundation systems for infrastructure projects such as bridges, petrochemical complexes, water supply projects, power plants, and industrial buildings. He has considerable experience in the design and construction of reinforced earth walls using geosynthetics. With SMG since 2002, his experience includes drivability studies, offshore pipelines, soil-pile interaction studies of pile groups, offshore soil investigation, jack-up rig penetration analysis, and pile wandering analysis.

DS Murthy, Project Manager

Durbakula Satyanarayana Murthy
Mr. Durbakula Satyanarayana Murthy graduated in Civil Engineering from JNTU College of Engineering, India. He joined Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for Masters in Structural Engineering. He completed Masters in 2002 and joined SMG. With SMG, his experience includes pile installation monitoring of more than 25 offshore platforms in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Angola and Trinidad. He has considerable experience in pile drivability studies, pile stickup analysis and pile design. His special interests are numerical analysis and reliability engineering. He has published technical papers on reliability analysis.

A.R. Ramkumar, Marine Geophysicist

A.R. Ramkumar

Mr. A. R. Ramkumar obtained MSc (Tech) in Marine Geophysics from Cochin University of Science and Technology, (India) in 1997 and started his career as geophysicist in Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Ltd., Mumbai, India. He has conducted numerous pipe line route surveys, port feasibility and development surveys, site surveys and various other geophysical works in India and Kazakhstan. He has undergone training in Coda software modules at CodaOctopus, Edinburgh. He has also undergone training in geophysical equipment in UK. With SMG since 2003, as Marine Geophysicist, he has been involved in geological modeling and in developing geological and geohazard solutions in Arcview based on geophysical data. He has also served as QC on several assignments on geophysical survey vessels including Teknik Kembara, Geo surveyor and Singaora.

Sapna Saini, Geotechnical Engineer

Sapna Sini

Ms. Sapna Saini holds BE in Civil Engineering from Punjab Technical University, India. She obtained ME in Highway Engineering from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India in 2001. She joined Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi, India as a fellow scientist in 2000. She was involved in the study of Coordination of traffic signals using the software package TRANSYT. Also she did numerous traffic surveys and analysis of survey data. With SMG since 2003, her experience includes pile capacity estimation of offshore platforms and pile drivability analysis. She has also worked on geotechnical data processing and management.